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Welcome DPAS Users

If you linked to this webpage, it is likely because you are a current or prospective Defense Property Accountability System (DPAS) user looking for a convenient source of automatic identification technology (AIT) that has been tested for compatibility with DPAS applications. You have arrived at the right place.

The Product Lead, Automated Movement and Identification Solutions (PL AMIS) is an Army organization tasked to execute and maintain indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contracts offering AIT technology to DoD users. AMIS and DPAS have teamed to identify products that are compatible with DPAS. The DPAS customer-facing webpage identifies AIT hardware that has been tested for DPAS compatibility. Those items that are available from AMIS contracts are noted on that webpage and below.

Hardware identified for DPAS Passive RFID applications is included in our pRFID III contract.


SLIN 0007 CA       pRFID Hand Held Reader
SLIN 0011 AA       pRFID Thermal Transfer Printer

Hardware supporting DPAS bar code applications are included in our two AIT6 contracts. AIT6 was a multiple award action, with the two awardees offering products meeting the same functional requirements for each AIT6 SLIN. One of the advantages of a multiple award is that, in addition to the original competition that led to the two vendors being selected, purchases of quantities of items valued over $5000 may be and over $250,000 must be again competed between the two vendors, effectively meaning that listed contract prices are ceiling prices, which might be offered at a discount in the event of a quantity purchase.

DPAS Compatable AIT6 SLINS

SLIN 0001 AA       Getac FL2BLDJA4DNA (F110 G5)
SLIN 0001 AA       Panasonic FZ-G1U5301VM
SLIN 0001 BA       Getac T800G2XAITVI1901
SLIN 0001 BA       Panasonic FZ-M1JECGXVM
SLIN 0001 CA       Getac FL2BLDJA4DHA (F110 G5)
SLIN 0001 CA       Panasonic FZ-G1U5301VM
SLIN 0001 DA       Juniper MS2-218-HL (Mesa2)
SLIN 0001 EA       Juniper MS2-221-HL (Mesa2)
SLIN 0003 AA       Granit 1910IER-3-AIT-N
SLIN 0003 AA       Zebra DS3608-SR00CC3VTNA
SLIN 0003 AB       Granit 1911iER-3USB-5-G
SLIN 0003 AB       Zebra DS3678-SR0FCC3VTNA
SLIN 0003 AC       Granit 1910IER-3-AIT-N
SLIN 0003 AC       Zebra DS3608-DP20CC3VTNA
SLIN 0003 AE       Granit 1980IFR-3-N
SLIN 0003 AE       Zebra DS3608-ER20CC3VTNA
SLIN 0005 BA       Honeywell PD43AG3100010201
SLIN 0005 BA       Zebra ZT51042-T01000GA
SLIN 0005 BB       Honeywell PM43G11010050201
SLIN 0005 BB       Zebra ZT51042-T21000GA

Common IDIQ Contract Characteristics

  1. Pre-competed
  2. 3-year Hardware Warranty (minimum)
  3. No service fee from AMIS
  4. Purchasable with a Government Purchase Card (GPC).
  5. Delivery orders against contracts can be issued by any DoD contracting office.

Contract Links

QUESTIONS for AMIS may be directed to the CORs:

pRFID III: (703) 806-0284
AIT 6: (703) 806-0284