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"Everyone I talk to from AMIS is always very courteous and helpful. They care about their customers."

-- BN Mobility Warrant Officer

All AMIS software releases, software downloads and updated reference data will be distributed through the Single Interface to the Field (SIF) when it is feasible.

TC-AIMS II users needing to access the application on the Enterprise will need to have two accounts created - a CITRIX account and a TC-AIMS II account.

To accomplish this, the first thing that must be established is a User Account Management (UAM) for the user's location. To establish a UAM, please contact the AMIS Service Desk at (800) 877-7925 or Email Us.

Once a UAM has been established, an account request may be submitted to the MCSC. To request an initial account or changes to an existing account, please complete the Enterprise Account Request Form shown below.

Enterprise Account Request Form - DD Form 2875   Be sure to click "Enable all Fields" at the top right of the pdf document.


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