Provide RFID and AIT-enabling technologies, products, and services that assist the DoD in improving asset visibility worldwide

Feb 2008 Policy Memorandum: Army G-4 directs "All U.S. Army organizations and activities will procure AIT products and services from AMIS. Direct procurement of AIT products and services from commercial sources is not authorized."

Products ISO 18000-7 Transponders and Range of Hardware and Integration Services
Base Period 07/17/20 to 07/16/22 (2 Years)
Ordering Periods
  1. 07/17/22 to 07/16/23
  2. 07/17/22 to 07/16/23
  3. 07/17/23 to 07/16/24
  • Features aRFID ISO 18000-7 transponders
  • Meets wide array of Domestic and International needs in various CONUS and OCONUS locations
  • Meets FMS requirements to provide interoperability for logistics support with allies.
Contract Information

Procurement Contract Officer: KO TBD. For more detail, please contact
COR: (703) 806-0284
DCMA Help Desk: Email (888) 994-7284

Savi Help Desk/Sales: Email (888) 994-SAVI (7284)
Program Manager: Rosemary Johnston (571) 227-7918
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Resources User Guide inc. pricing and product descriptions
Ordering Procedures
PDK III Ordering Guide
Ordering PDK III Sample
Iridium SIM Card Instructions
How to identify if your PDK is obsolete


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