Transportation Cost Management

With the release of Transportation Coordinators' - Automated Movement (TC-AIMS II) version 8.0.9, the document known as Movement and Funding Automated Support Tool (MFAST) is being replaced with the Theater Operations (TOPS) Transportation Cost Management Tool currently in United States Army Europe and Africa (USAREUR-AF).

The Transportation Cost Management Tool is a module within TOPS that automates estimates, tracks, and reports transportation costs associated with exercises and operations by means of User driven data. Using a roles-based approach; the Users associate Simple Movement Release (MRs), MRs and Transportaion Movement Release (TMRs) to operation/exercise cost data established by authorized funds managers. The transportation cost management capability using the Exercise and Cost screens in TOPS automate the creation and completion of the Funds Verification and Use Authorization form (FVUA). By attaching documents and invoices to the FVUA, a digital audit trail is created to show transportation movements from authorization, to completion, and archiving. The built-in audit and notification capability of TOPS allows for the tracking of changes to the FVUA and notification of users to approvals and denials thereby simplifying and expediting transportation cost management.

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