TC-AIMS II Newsletters

An index of TC-AIMS II training areas is listed below. Click on any of these subject areas to expand the group, then click on the specific subject within the group you wish to view. Most sections have .pdf files that contain the same information as its corresponding IMI. These .pdf files can be downloaded and printed for future reference. Alternately, to search for a specific training subject, hold down the <Ctrl> key and the <F> key, then on the menu bar, type in your search criteria. Continue by clicking "Next" until you find the subject matter of interest. The last five lines of this index (blue rows) contain "how to" solutions, documents, forms, web links of interest related to TC-AIMS II, and contact information.

Current Newsletter

  • December 2018
    Version 8.0.1 Release | Speed Test | Convoy Planning: Where are my routes? | IBS Export Process | PDK Procurement | Cookbooks for Exports to CMOS, COMPASS, and IBS

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  1. October 2018
    Building Convoys in CPHR-M | COMPASS Export for TPFDD Movement Plan | FRAGORD 08 | Java Error when Printing MSLs
  2. August 2018
    CPHR-M Release Details | Re-Installing Hostname Certs | Reminder to the Field | LIN/DIMs/WTs do make a difference | JECD
  3. June 2018
    JECD | COMPASS Export Viewer | Training Access Issues | CPHR-M Release | ALIS-UP | Dormant Account Policy
  4. April 2018
    LIS update | CPHR-M Update | COMPASS Planning (UDL) | Task Organization Training
  5. February 2018
    v7.1.3 GAT & Release Notes | Meet Eastern Region | Fort Hood Training Facility | CPHR-M Update | TC-AIMS II Tricks