National Stock Numbers (NSNs) for RFID

An NSN is a 13-15 digit number assigned by the Defense Logistics Services Center (DLSC) to identify an item of materiel in the supply distribution system of the United States. The DLSC has assigned NSNs to Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) products that military users acquire frequently. The NSN allows military users to acquire the required items through their regular supply chain. Please check this page often for updates, especially regarding NSNs which apply to RFID-V ISO 18000-7 transponders and all products.

Description (Item/Model/Number) CLIN NSN
License Plate Door Mounted Container Transponder with Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Label - ST-626-030-NSN 006AD 6350-01-633-7731
Data Rich Transponder (256K memory) with Bracket and DLA Label - ST-654-041-NSN CN:MB 0006AK 6350-01-633-7342
Asset Transponder (2K memory) with Bracket and DLA Label - ST-618-030-NSN CN:MB 0006AF 6350-01-633-7338
Door Mounted Data Rich Container Tag with DLA Label - ST-656-040-NSN 0006AH 6350-01-603-2136
Data Rich Tag with DLA Label - ST-654-041-NSN 0006AJ 6350-01-579-3126
License Plate Tag with DLA Label, no Bracket - ST-621-030-NSN 0006AA 6350-01-587-8774
License Plate Tag with Label and Bracket - ST-621-030-NSN CN:MB 0006AB 6350-01-578-3442
3.6 Lithium "A" Size Battery for ISO Tags None 6135-01-524-7621
Transponder NSNs are coded "z". Dispose of at level authorized to replace.    
Portable Deployment Kit (PDK) III w/printer with 5-year warranty, PDK III Model LITE-PDK III-RI002-001-5, Waiting NSN assignment 0008AB 5895-01-690-7024
MB    mounting bracket
MM    magnetic mount