Providing pRFID II hardware, software, documentation, and, incidental services to authorized users worldwide. Incidental services include training, warranty and maintenance services, and technical engineering services (TES).

Feb 2008 Policy Memorandum: Army G-4 directs "All U.S. Army organizations and activities will procure AIT products and services from AMIS. Direct procurement of AIT products and services from commercial sources is not authorized."

Products pRFID Equipment and Engineering Services
Ordering Period
  1. 03/20/13 to 12/19/16
Details Maintenance Period open to 12/19/18
Contract Information

Procurement Contract Officer: David Burke (309) 782-7532
COR: (703) 806-0254
Contract Specialist: Timothy Volkert (309) 782-1956

SRA International, Inc. (W52P1J-17-D-0006)
Program Manager: Thomas "Tom" Scatamacchia
(571) 245-4284
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