Next Generation Transponder (NGT)

The objective of the NGT acquisition is to provide the latest commercially available satellite and cellular enabled transponders to support the logistics tracking, locating, and monitoring of commodities and assets. Cellular / satellite enabled technologies will provide standardization and interoperability among Government users of NGT components purchased under this contract.

Feb 2008 Policy Memorandum: Army G-4 directs "All U.S. Army organizations and activities will procure AIT products and services from AMIS. Direct procurement of AIT products and services from commercial sources is not authorized."

Products NGT Equipment and Engineering Services
Period of Performance 12/10/20 to 12/09/24 (4 Years if all OY exercised)
Current Option / Ordering Periods
  1. Base: 12/10/20 to 12/09/22
  2. OY1: 12/10/22 to 12/09/23
  3. OY2: 12/10/223 to 12/09/24
  • Meets performance demands that bar code, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), and other automated data storage and retrieval technologies can't reach.
  • Worldwide geographic support
  • Anticipated applications include:
    • Tracking Government-owned commodities and assets
    • Inventory and warehousing environments
    • Large open-area storage facilities
    • The military transportation community (e.g., seaports and air terminals) and petroleum distribution points (including fueling operations at airports, in-flight, and at sea)
    • The handling of perishables (e.g., medical supplies, foods, and other items sensitive to temperature changes)
    • The handling of hazardous, explosive, or otherwise regulated materials
    • The control of military convoys
    • Health and intrusion monitoring (e.g., sensor technology: temperature, shock, humidity, light, and door alarms).
Contract Information

Procurement Contract Officer: Benjamin Geringer (309) 782-1784 | DSN: (312) 793-1784
COR: (703) 806-0272
Contract Specialist: John Kerch 309-782-5830/DSN: 793-5830

ORBCOMM, Inc. (W52P1J-21-D-0007)
Program Manager: Greg Flessate (703) 887-9124
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Customer Service and Support: Email | 1-800-ORBCOMM or 1-800-672-2666

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