AIT-V Approved Contract Modifications
Lowry Solutions - W52P1J-15-D-0060

Please see below for links to copies of the following modifications.

P00022 - 9 Aug 2019 (This contract modification extends the AIT-V ordering period by a three (3) month period of performance from 10 August 2019 to 11 November 2019. Additionally, HHT-H has been added to the contract. This is a Non-Incentive (NI) rated HHT device with an integrated pistol grip utilizing Window-10 OS.)

P00021 - 10 May 2019 (This contract modification extends the ordering period by a three (3) month period of performance from 11 May 2019 to 10 August 2019.)

P00020 - 30 Oct 2018 (Places SLIN #2005AA in RESERVE (non-orderable) status until a viable replacement is available as the Zebra P4T portable/wearable printer is unavailable and no longer in production.)

P00019 - 11 May 2018 (This contract modification extends the Option Ordering Period 1 of contract W52P1J-15-D-0060, in accordance with AIT-V PWS Revision 11 dated 7 May 2018, for a period of twelve months with three additional one-month options with the following periods of performance: 11 May 2018 - 10 May 2019/10 June 2019/10 July 2019/10 August 2019.) HHTs (A through D) have been placed in reserve/non-order status. See incorporated PWS.

P00018 - 04 May 2018 (Three changes are identified; 1)Change Manufacturer Part Numbers for CLINS X001FJ, X009FN to update styli and detachable hand-strap for HHT-F; 2) Substitutes an upgraded processor, barcode scan engine, and SSD drive on CLIN X001EA (HHT-E); Add HHT-G (Juniper Systems, Mesa-2 and accompanying accessories to the contract.)

P00017 - 12 April 2018 (This modification identifies Part Number changes to Aruba Access Points and Gateway at CLINS X009AA, X009AB, X009AC, X009AD)

P00016 - 22 December 2017 (This mod provides updates to the Payment office instructions and the WAWF DODAAC Clause)

P00015 - 04 August 2017 (1. A contract mod clarifies the vendor's DCMA Inspection/Acceptance procedures. 2. The narrative description for CLINs 0001EA, 1001EA, 2001EA, 0001FA, 1001FA, and 2001FA have been revised to identify the NI supportability.)

P00014 - 10 May 2017 (The purpose of this Modification is to exercise the Governments unilateral right to exercise Option Period 1 in accordance with the contracts' clause FAR 52.217-9, Option Period 1 which extends the contract for the period 11 May 2017 - 10 May 2018. Additionally this modification updates existing product part numbers associated with CLINS 0001FA, 1001FA, and 2001FA, 0013AA, 1013AA, 2013AA)

P00013 - 29 December, 2016 (This is an administrative update to clarify that inspection and acceptance of delivery orders will be conducted by DCMA at Origin)

P00012 - 14 November, 2016 (This is a streamlining effort to reduce frequent contract modifications related to part number changes. This addresses part numbers only and there is no form, fit or function change. Part numbers frequently change to comply with changing worldwide regulations and efficiency standards. The part numbers will now all end with XXX for the last three digits.)

P00011 - 4 November, 2016 (Change to DCMA for Inspection and Acceptance for supply orders inspection location. Supply order Inspection is designated at Origin, the sub-delegated DCMA office performing Inspection/Acceptance changes to a new location. Reference linked document for I/A address information used for ordering purposes.)

P00010 - 12 October, 2016 (Change to DCMA Office for Inspection and Acceptance for supply orders. Supply order Inspection is designated at Origin, the sub-delegated DCMA office performing Inspection will be the DCMA Dayton Office. Reference linked document for new address, phone and email.)

P00009 - 11 October, 2016 (This modification contains an administrative change to correct the part number and description associated with the power adapter for CLINs X001AG, X001AH, X001BG, X001BH, X001CG, X001CH, X001DG, and X001DH. The total dollar value remains unchanged.)

P00008 - 22 August, 2016 (This modification contains and administrative change to correct the part number associated with CLINs 0001EA, 1001EA, 2001EA)

P00007 - 15 June, 2016 (This modification executes a technology product substitution to enhance the Handheld terminal devices HHT-E and HHT-F (a tablet-style form factor) of the both the large (CLINs 0001EA, 1001EA, 2001EA) and small display (0001FA, 1001FA, 2001FA) devices.  Changes include but are not limited to an upgraded computing configuration, upgrade to Win-10 Pro OS, and an upgrade to Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0.  Additionally, CLINS 0009AA, 1009AA, 2009AA has changed the product from the Aruba 115 Access Point (indoor use) to the Aruba 205 Access Point as a technology upgrade as well as CLINS 0009BA, 1009BA, 2009BA for the Aruba AP-175P  to the Aruba AP-175P (NEMA).

P00006 - 17 March, 2016  (This modification contains a product substitution for the indoor access point device at CLINs 0009AA, 1009AA, and 2009AA. This is a change from the Aruba AP-105 Wireless Access Point to the Aruba AP-115 Wireless Access Point with associated enclosure.)

P00005 - 25 January, 2016  (This modification contains a product substitution for the HHT-E device.  It is a technology enhancement providing additional memory and upgraded processor/speed to the device; additional changes are included to the configuration and separately orderable components associate to the device.)

P00004 - 05 January, 2016  (This modification updates part numbers and descriptions that have changed for HHT-E, SLINs 0001EA, 1001EA, 2001EA. The modification also incorporates FAR Clause 52.232-37, Multiple Payment Arrangements (May 1999), by reference.)

P00003 - 19 November, 2015  (This modification changes the configuration of Handheld Terminal devices (HHT-A/B/C/D) to provide additional flexibility to the customer base. The Bluetooth CAC readers have been unbundled from the devices and have been established as separately orderable CLINs. The device changes result in reducing the unit cost and provides for re-use of existing product inventory. This also allows those who do not require a CAC reader to purchase it as needed. The following CLIN descriptions, quantities, and unit prices have changed: CLINs x001AA, x001BA, x001CA, x001DA. CLINs to disable wireless communications for Batch operation have been incorporated at CLINs x001AN, x001BN, x001CN, x001DN. New CLINs have been added to provide the Bluetooth CAC Reader as a separate item at x001AQ, x001BQ, x001CQ, x001DQ.)

P00002 - 14 October, 2015  (This modification provides updates to the part numbers for the dual bay battery charger associated with Getac device at CLIN X001ED; The Honeywell battery part numbers have been updated for CLINs x001AA, x001AF, x001BA, x001BF; the Performance Work Statement has been revised and changed in Rev-3 are current.)

P00001 - 17 August, 2015  (This is a large multi-purpose modification which contains both administrative and technology changes; PCO and contact information is updated, COR contract information is updated, a CDRL date adjustment applied, the Minimum order obligation purchase is adjusted and there is an incorporation of the contract's POP dates/years. The Government POC listing is added to Section J as Attachment-4. The contractor's DD254 to the added contract. Technical changes applied to quantities for printer peripheral items (ribbons and labels). The warranty description has been clarified CLINs 0001FB, 1001FB, 2001FB; CCP ALO-001, rev 3, dated 11 June 2015, provides an alternative CAC configuration to be included to provide connectivity alternatives for radio disabled use and with Bluetooth connectivity. When the radios in the HHT are disabled a Snap-On CAC is substituted for the Bluetooth CAC at no charge. CCP ALO-003, rev 1, dated 30 June 2015, removes the Apriva end of life BT200-T and replaces it with the Apriva replacement product BT200-Z. Lastly, CCP ALO-004, rev 1, dated 15 July 2015, removes the "Cozumel" end of life CN70/70e and CK71 and replaces it with the "Pasion" CN70/70e and CK71 replacement product.)