AIT-IV Contract Modifications
GTSI (Now UNICOM Government, Inc.) - W91QUZ-09-D-0045

Please see below for links to copies of the following modifications.

P00013 - 7 June 2012  (This modification incorporates CCP AGT003, which substitutes the printer in the arms room kit. It is also an acceptance MOD from ACC-RI accepting all contract administration requirements.)

P00012 - 14 May 2012  (This modification transfers the basic contract and all contracting responsibilities to Army Contracting Command-Rock Island (ACC-RI) and rescinds previous MOD.)

P00011 - (This modification is rescinded in its entirety.)

P00010 - 5 November 2011  (This modification incorporates J-AIT Contract Change APM002, changing the reference from IA-APL to UC-APL in the SOW. Also, modifies Contract Part C-1-1(I) Ordering Procedures for Orders Exceeding $3,000.)

P00009 - 29 June 2011  (This modification incorporates Latest compatible AIA-APL approved versions of Data-At-Rest, Malicious Code Detectors (Anti-Virus) and Firewall licenses.)

P00008 - 17 May 2011  (This modification incorporates J-AIT Contract Change APM001 and administratively changes the "Issued By" block of the contract's SF 1449.)

P00007 - 21 July 2010  (This modification incorporates Contract Change Proposals (CCPs) No. AGT004 and AGT005, i.e., changes descriptions for related SLINs.)

P00006 - 9 July 2010  (This modification removes reference to "ITEC4," changes the address for the Ombudsman and updates the Republic of Korea Status of Forces Agreement.)

P00005 - 20 April 2010  (This modification clarifies Unique Control Number (UCN) and website guidance for placing orders.)

P00004 - 9 March 2010  (This modification adds FAR Clause 52.246-2 and references D3951-95 (includes MIL-STD-29).)

P00003 - 3 February 2010  (This modification changes the description of the SLINs.)

P00002 - 28 October 2009  (This modification adds POC Information; Removes HHI ordering restrictions on 0001AA, 0001BA, 0001EA, and 0001FA.)

P00001 - 11 August 2009  (This modification changes Parts B-1, B-2, and C-1-1.)