AIT-IV Contract Modifications
CDO Technologies - W91QUZ-09-D-0042

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P00029 - 12 March, 2015  (The purpose of this modification is to extend the AIT-IV contracts Ordering Period to 23 April 2015 for the ordering of hardware, software, and services SLINs only (SLINs 1001AA - 1069A.)

P00028 - 23 January, 2015  (The purpose of this modification is to do the following:

To extend the Period of Performance of contract W91QUZ-09-D-0042 for an additional two (2) month extension for the ordering of hardware, software, and services SLINs only (SLINs 1001AA through 1069AA) from 24 January 2015 through 23 March 2015 with the option to exercise an additional one (1) month, commencing on 24 March 2015 through 23 April 2015, if needed.)

P00027 - 7 October 2014  (This modification (a) incorporates CCP ADC0026 R4 for the product substitution of SLIN 1001HA/HB/HC/HD/HE/HF/HG/HH/. (b) incorporates Government CCP APM003 as revised SOW to Section J to address an update to the UID policy in Para 1.4; adds verbiage in Para 3.3.4 to remove the requirement for HERO testing; adds information for Para 4.1.1 technical requirements; adds new requirements for new HHT-G and HHT-H devices; removes requirement for small arms room software to be installed in laptop; removes requirement for NSN on transit case ID plate; makes the NSN only required for a transit case if done through a separate task order.)

P00026 - 19 August 2014  (This modification incorporates CCP APM004, which change the SLIN Descriptions and Unit Prices for Handheld terminal device HHT-G and HHT-H to the contract offerings for SLIN 1001GA/1001HA.)

P00025 - 10 July 2014  (This modification extends the Period of Performance of contract W91QUZ-09-D-0042 for an additional six (6) months for the ordering of hardware, software, and Technical Engineering Service (TES) to include SLINs 1001AA through 1069AA from 24 July 2014 to 23 January 2015.)

P00024 - 19 January 2014  (This modification incorporates CCP ACD025 by updating the SD card description to multiple SLIN's. Also, this modification clarifies that TES cannot exceed 12 months beyond contract expiration (23 July 2014) for any task orders, to include any option periods, beyond 23 July 2015.)

P00023 - 25 July 2013  (This modification incorporates CCP APM003, adding two HHTs to the contract (HHT-G and HHT-H) and removing the arms room software from the Small Arms Room Kit. This modification also incorporates CCP ACD024, which adds a wall charger for the Apriva CAC reader and an alternate CAC reader configuration to HHTs.)

P00022 - 4 June 2013  (This modification incorporates CCP ACD022, updating printer P/Ns and correcting the stated HERO safe separation distance on multiple HHTs.)

P00021 - 15 March 2013  (This modification incorporates CCP ACD019 Rev2, substituting Hand Held Terminal-A and HHT-B along with adding FAR Clause 52.204-10.)

P00020 - 7 September 2012  (This modification incorporates CCP ACD011 and ACD013, changing the transit case and components within the digital arms room kit.)

P00019 - 20 July 2012  (This modification exercises Option period (1), which extends the contract for the period 24 July 2012 through 23 July 2014.)

P00018 - 7 June 2012 (This modification accepts all contract administration requirements for the contract.)

P00017 - 14 May 2012  (This modification transfers the basic contract and all contracting responsibilities to Army Contracting Command-Rock Island (ACC-RI) and rescinds previous MOD.)

P00016 - (This modification is rescinded in its entirety.)

P00015 - 28 March 2012  (This modification incorporates Contract Change Proposal (CCP) ACD017 Revision 1, changing the specifics on the Hand Held Bar Code Terminal (HHT-C).)

P00014 - 17 January 2012 (This modification incorporates CCP ACD015, Rev2, changing the HHT multiple battery charger and single slot serial cradle kit to meet Energy Efficiency level V standards.)

P00013 - 14 November 2011  (This modification incorporates J-AIT Contract Change APM002, changing the reference from IA-APL to UC-APL in the SOW. Also, modifies Part C-1-1(I) Ordering Procedures for Orders Exceeding $3,000.)

P00012 - 15 August 2011  (This modification incorporates Contract Change Proposal (CCP) ACD016 to change the version number on Small Arms Room Management Software.)

P00011 - 21 April 2011  (This modification incorporates CCP ACD014, Rev 1, and administratively changes the "Issued By" block of the contract’s SF 1449.)

P00010 - 10 March 2011  (This modification incorporates CCP ACD007, changing part number for stylus and correcting part number for CAC reader.)

P00009 - 19 January 2011  (This modification incorporates CCPs ACD010 reestablishes SLIN 0001CB, and corrects NOTE on HERO testing and recommended safe separation distance, which was added by MOD P00008.)

P00008 - 4 November 2010  (This modification incorporates CCPs ACD008 and ACD009, changing descriptions and/or unit prices for listed SLINs.)

P00007 - 17 August 2010  (This modification removes reference to "ITEC4," changes the address for the Ombudsman, and updates the Republic of Korea Status of Forces Agreement clause.)

P00006 - 4 May 2010  (This modification adds Far Clause 52.232-37 Multiple Payment Arrangements.)

P00005 - 20 April 2010  (This modification clarifies Unique Control Number (UCN) and website guidance for placing orders.)

P00004 - 8 March 2010  (This modification adds FAR Clause 52.246-2 and references D3951-95 (includes MIL-STD-29).)

P00003 - 4 February 2010  (This modification changes SLINs descriptions and/or unit prices.)

P00002 - 28 October 2009  (This modification removes some SLINs restrictions on ordering.)

P00001 - 23 July 2009 (Conformed Contract)  (This modification replaces Master CLIN List.)